Highly Sensitive People

Have you ever been told that you’re just too sensitive?  Maybe you feel emotions much stronger and for longer than others.

Some people are highly sensitive (HSP). This is a normal character trait that 20% of people are born with and characterised by 4 things:

  1. Depth of processing – You think about things deeply, things like the meaning of life and your purpose. You think about how well you’re doing your job or whether you’re a good parent or not, how you are in relationships and what type of person you are. You’re unusually conscientious (aware of consequences of failing to do things well). You’re creative in many ways. You’re great at connecting lots of different information and arriving at unusual and creative solutions to problems.  You like to take your time and mull over an issue.
  2. Easily overstimulated – You may be more easily stressed by noise, by lights, chaotic situations, deadlines, or too many people.  You prefer to work alone or at home. You might be reticent about making social plans because you want to see how you feel. You turn down invitations because you just needs more downtime.
  3. Strength of emotions and empathy – You feel emotions deeper and for longer than most people. You react strongly to feedback, both positive and negative. You have considerable empathy for others and often know intuitively what other people need to make them feel better. You probably know more than most about other people’s personal problems.
  4. Sensory sensitivity – You’ll notice things that others don’t.  You’ll notice subtle changes in the environment like the texture and colour of objects in someones home or a perfume. You’ll notice small changes in the weather.

The HSP trait has been validated by major research studies. If you think this sounds like you, take the test on Dr Elaine Aron’s website.  

Knowing that you are an HSP can be a huge relief as many people feel that they just don’t fit in to their families or their work and can feel very isolated and not understood.  I work with HSPs helping them to understand how to manage themselves with the gift of their trait.

Support Group Meetings

Come and join the group meetings on Saturday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.30pm in 2017. For dates, all instructions and to RSVP, please join the Meetup group.

Saturday 18th February

Saturday 8th April  (29th April has been cancelled and replaced with this date)

Saturday 27th May

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Saturday 12th August

Saturday 7th October

Saturday 18th November

Saturday 2nd December

Location is Cookham, Berkshire, UK  the location is easily accessed and and only 40 minutes on the train from London.

Meet others and learn more about the HSP trait.  More details in the link below, as well as how to sign up and register.


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