More, more and even more

The constant striving in companies for more sales, more profits, more productivity and better effectiveness takes it toll on people. It’s the same mentality that undervalues people that depletes our natural world and strips our planet.

business growth

This constant search for growth also has a major impact on our personal lives. How can we possibly be content with what we have while we are always looking for more?

Not content with just enough we must have that new suit, new bag, new partner, new car or bigger house.  The constant striving makes us unhappy with what we do have and we’re often critical of ourselves and others around us.  We then look for the quick feel-good fix, the quick distraction of comfort food, alcohol, drugs, sex or shopping.

Once in this trap, finding the balance and knowing when we’ve got just enough without being too frugal and without having or wanting too much, is difficult. Gaining perspective on what you really want and what your heart really desires, rather than being driven by old beliefs and someone else’s agenda, is a great starting point.



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